[VIDEO] SEE THE WORLD 23: Peru, of mines and mountains

So this one follows the last um… about 3 months in Peru, entering from Ecuador. You can find a lot more info on the journal updates (links open in new window)

  1. The Hotlands and Baby Mountains of Peru
  2. Dirt Roads, No Brakes and Horseman Militia
  3. The Great Brake Odyssey
  4. The Ridge
  5. To the Land of the Mines
  6. Toward the Sky


The exact route is here. Downloadable (go to the google page) and if you are going do get in touch with me!
(*after Pampas via Laguna Pelegatos there is a checkpoint, see post#5 above to find contact info so that you may be able to get permit)


  • I am Oak – Trees and birds and fire
  • Blaze Foley – Clay Pigeons
  • Old Show Medicine Crow – Wagon Wheel
  • Mark Knopfler – Before Gas and TV
  • The Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine
  • Rachelle Van Zanten – Your Country
  • Tallest man on earth – Into the Stream
  • Johnny Cash – Troubled Waters
  • Cinematic Orchestra – Home
  • Albert Kubzein – Yensei Punk
  • Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeroes – life is hard
  • tallest man on earth – dark bird is home

FULL playlist on youtube here:


Big thanks to everyone for making this possible, it has been just over a year since I started the Patreon support page and by now there are over 95 supporters! I am able to comfortably travel now and stop to edit new videos on the way, in addition to being able to buy some upgrades! (next EP will have… a surprise!!)

Learn how you can help!

Link to the video project page (still on the old website but it will all get moved to wordpress soon)

Also big thanks for Magura Brakes for coming through and all my other sponsors for their wonderful gear and support through the years. Blackburn Design, Chris Murray (Elevation Wheelworks), Fatback Bikes, Lauf Forks, Johnson Outdoors (Eureka, Jetboil)



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